Is it just me, or is good quality customer service hard to come by these days? We’re paying more for goods and services, yet a lot of the time it just seems like we’re not getting good value in return, especially when it comes to service.

As a full-time Realtor who helps people with arguably one of the most important steps they take in their lives, buying and/or selling a property, I can’t imagine how this sort of lapse in service could even be an option in our industry. 

I believe that as Realtors, our roles can and should improve. Why not expect more from your Realtor? Why not ask for more transparency, more reliability and a better approach to marketing? Afterall, so much of our roles as Realtors nowadays is centred on marketing and advertising. Choosing to work with someone who understands and implements that understanding is key. That’s the world we live in today, and as someone who genuinely wants to do their part to help improve customer experience, I think we should all demand better service than what we’ve grown accustomed to. 

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